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Chapter Excerpt

From my Novel: NATALIE STONE Beyond Survival And Into The light; JALBANI Hassan, A Pakistani “spook,” a sly, robust man of the world who had greeted them with humor and bonhomie, meets Natalie and hacker friends, Philip and Jackson, at an open-air restaurant overlooking the Potomac River. While […]


I haven’t written anything about Trump since his inauguration, because for the past four years I’ve been steeped in the writing of my novel, which I have just finished. Anyway, folks, we’ve never had a saintly President—far from it–but I must admit to having been confounded by this […]

Hillary wysiwyg?

A MARTIN J. RYAN Viewpoint What you think you see is what you won’t get. Let me preface the following by saying that after voting for Eisenhower I became a life long Democrat who voted for both Clinton and Obama, twice each. I used to be a Liberal […]


REVOLUTION. A Martin J. Ryan VIEWPOINT. Remember this one? Read John Adams, regarding his Thoughts on Government in 1776: Government is instituted for the common good; for the protection, safety, prosperity, and happiness of the people; and not for profit, honor, or private interest of any one man, […]

Free Trade Globalization

Globalization: The New World Order. A Martin J. Ryan VIEWPOINT. What lies beyond the thrust of this Free Trade article is the inevitable growth of robotic automation replacing human labor in the not too distant future, which may result in an escalation in social upheaval. The phrase I […]

Business Has No flag

A MARTIN J. RYAN VIEWPOINT: Oh empathy, empathy, where art thou? Help me, Adam Smith, for Business Has No Flag. Recently I’ve noticed a particular conservative response to complaints regarding the lack of empathy for today’s inequality and the resultant gap between the rich and the rest: middle […]

Quid Pro Quo

A Martin J. Ryan VIEWPOINT. QUID PRO QUO Clintons, Obama, Bilderbergers Not your friends and neighbors. Preface: (Since the names Obama & Clinton appear so frequently in the following text, the fault lies not with me, but with them. Having had to suppress whatever liberal tendencies they may […]