I haven’t written anything about Trump since his inauguration, because for the past four years I’ve been steeped in the writing of my novel, which I have just finished. Anyway, folks, we’ve never had a saintly President—far from it–but I must admit to having been confounded by this monstrous, but ever so fragile ego that is hell bent on undoing the Constitution. This narcissistic stand-in for a man—our President no less– who issues a malignant daily dose of tweets, so obviously loony and false, yet succeeds in poisoning the minds of a disheartening amount of susceptible Americans; and who is supported by a bunch of Republican Senators who appear to lack a moral center. So good luck America if you don’t have the brains to vote him out of office. Okay, I’ve commented. Now I have to get back to publishing my book.

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  1. I read with interest your take on eavesdropping on our fragile planet. My family knows me as the guy who would get on a alien ship if it landed in my front yard, and gladly be whisked away. I talk endlessly about being from a far away galaxy and realizing how insignificant we are in comparison to the universe. Until all people come to understand that, there will always be those who think the three to four feet of space that they take up makes them so important. That’s the part I don’t understand. Reading your comments is like having a validation of my own thoughts. As I look back at the earth from photos taken by probes like Voyager 1 and Voyager 2, and Hubble, it just convinces me more of the existence of life far beyond ours. If we had never advanced to the stage we are at now with our exploration I could understand the skepticism. (Thank goodness for visionaries) But with this knowledge and visual proof, how can you be so small and narrow minded to not believe. I espouse to your visions. How far would we be in our science and exploration if the world was at peace. The money saved from endless geeed and wars woukd likely have us communicating with other worlds already. This comment should more than give up my personal views on a multitude of topics and philosophies. Kudos to your writings Uncle!!

  2. Thanks so much, Dan. You have no idea how many negative comments I have received over the years, on this and other topics. Some of them angry. But I just keep writing. Well, fiction for the past four years. My best to you, friend, and to Scott as well.

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