Quid Pro Quo

Quid Pro Quo

QUID PRO QUO Clintons, Obama, Bilderbergers Not your friends and neighbors. Preface: (Since the names Obama & Clinton appear so frequently in the following text, the fault lies not with me, but with them. Having had to suppress whatever liberal tendencies they may have held in order to […]

My Crazy Dream

Big Brother– Snooping— Last night I had this really nutsy dream that I just gotta tell you about. I know this is exceedingly difficult to imagine, but in my dream the digital world did not exist. Nuts, huh? Anyway, there was this Federal Security Bureau, aka the FSB. […]

Maggie And Me 1934

A BIO STORY — Maggie. The Bronx. 1934 The names are fiction (Joey is me), the dialogue is reconstructed, but this bio excerpt is true. Earlier, in more prosperous times, my grandmother had a governess named Maggie, who in turn became my mother’s governess. But then there was […]

history of mid east in pictures

From Rome To ISIS

The Middle East The Natural Order– ISIS– A MARTIN J. RYAN VIEWPOINT: From Rome, Alexander, Jesus, the Crusades, the Ottoman Empire, T. E. Laurence and the Arabs in WWl; to Bush/Cheney and ISIS. My interpretation: The natural order of things is unfeeling calculation. It is a lion’s cost […]

Image of Charlie, recruiting for terror.

Recruiting Terror

Book Excerpt From: THREE AT THE CENTER OF RAGE. As a favor to Charlie, Juan, a weekend nightshift porter, comes down to the windowless locker room in the basement of the bank, and switches on the bright overhead florescent, then bangs three times with malicious delight on one […]

Toward the end of life.

Fall Silent

A MARTIN J. RYAN SHORT STORY There are two of them. One of them is Joe. It has been snowing all day and the forecast is for two to three days of it, which fits neatly into Joe’s plans. The other man has been here two weeks, though […]

image for Frank Driscoll's chapter

A Constellation Of Stars

Book Excerpt From: THREE AT THE CENTER OF RAGE Sergeant Frank Driscoll, my lead protagonist: When Frank looks into his mirror he sees a fiftyish Irish crank with carrot-red hair and eyes sharp as blue lights, which shine from a pale freckled face that catches fire too easily […]

Gock reduce for blog

Death On West Forty-Eighth St.

Book Excerpt From: THREE AT THE CENTER OF RAGE. In Manhattan, 6883 miles from Islamabad, the night barely holds along west Forty-Eighth Street, while not yet ready to surrender to the arrows of early morning light that will pierce and reduce the last of it’s shadows. The rain […]


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